Baylor Center for Developmental Disabilities

The Baylor Center for Developmental Disabilities invests in research, training, outreach, and clinical services that promote the flourishing of people with disabilities, their families, and communities.

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Jul. 1, 2024
Sensory-friendly showing allows people with disabilities to go to see a movie

KXXV Ch. 25 covered our Sensory-Friendly Movie event at Cinemark Theaters on Saturday, June 29. 

Jun. 18, 2024
Advancing Applied Behavior Analysis: Research, Service, and Impact

Emily Exline, a researcher in the field of applied behavior analysis (ABA) and a Student Fellow for the Baylor Center for Developmental Disabilities (BCDD), is making a positive impact on the lives of individuals with disabilities and their families. As a Ph.D. candidate in Educational Psychology specializing in ABA, she is committed to advancing early intervention research, enhancing evidence-based practices, and dispelling the negative stigma associated with ABA.

Jun. 18, 2024
Professor Dr. Tonya Davis: Twenty Years of Research, Clinical Training, and Outreach

Dr. Tonya Davis has taught and mentored undergraduate and graduate students in special education and applied behavior analysis (ABA) for nearly twenty years. As a high school student, she developed a passion for working with individuals with disabilities, particularly those who exhibited challenging behavior. Throughout her educational journey, she has dedicated her research to better understanding and addressing the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities, including autism. Her work primarily revolves around developing interventions to reduce challenging behavior for individuals with disabilities so that they may lead more fulfilling lives.

May 30, 2024
Empowering Change: The Impact of Dr. Mire's Research on Autism and Family Well-being

As a passionate and dedicated Associate Professor of School Psychology at Baylor University, Dr. Sarah Mire has been a trainer for graduate and Ph.D. students aspiring to become scientist-practitioner school psychologists for more than ten years. Her journey in the field of psychology has been shaped by a deep-rooted fascination with human behavior and a commitment to understanding and supporting individuals with diverse needs. With a background in mental and behavioral health care spanning over two decades, she brings a unique blend of practical experience and academic expertise to her role. Her research interests, particularly in neurodevelopmental conditions such as autism, have led Dr. Mire to collaborate with dedicated teams to explore innovative ways to support autistic individuals, their families, educators, and healthcare providers.